Welcome to my birthday holiday website created especially to celebrate my 40th Birthday!

Lots of you have been asking me what i would like for my birthday.....So instead of receiving gifts I would appreciate you donating any amount no matter how big or small, as I have just been given the opportunity of travelling to Dubai for a few nights but honestly cannot afford to go....

I hope you can help me achieve getting to Dubai to celebrate my 40th birthday in style with my best friend Nuria. You’ll find my holiday details on this website and places I would love to visit to help make my day extra-special.

Just click the links on the left to explore :)


Taking this moment to thankyou in advance for helping me to make this holiday possible ,

With much love....

Sarah xx

P.S....For those that do not donate....Please remember next time you contact me the day before for a cake/favour....This might be held against you!!! lol 

Paypal Sarah English  email englishcakeslanzarote@yahoo.es 

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